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Think7 office in southeast Bengaluru

About Us

Think7 is driven by a revolutionary vision of creating Smart and Connected Factories. As a products company, we attempt to provide a series of innovative automation solutions that enable smart factories, build a seamless network of connected plants and resources that simplify and are well integrated to deliver customer delight.

Strongly built to optimise manufacturing, Think7 proposition demonstrates:

  • A passion and commitment to provide Industry 4.0 solutions along with an experience which has simplify at its core.

  • A deep sense of understanding of customer requirements.

  • Commitment to long standing client and partner relationships.

  • An innovative mindset focused on providing proactive solutions.

  • Customer sensitivity driving us to enhance customer experience each time.

Our customers are using our products to drive their Industry 4.0 initiatives for paperless and digital shop floors, condition based monitoring, online OEE and process control and more.

Leadership Team

"A beautiful mix of technology and manufacturing"