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Think7 Smart PPAP

Think7 Smart PPAP distances the guess work from the real work. It's unique automatic CAD drawing import reads the entire set of required product characteristics directly from customer CAD files including all geometric tolerances, notes, etc. Master driven, selection based creation of documents ensure that there is minimal data entry required and PPAP documents always remain in sync.

In built change management mechanism ensures detailed revision history is maintained at each level and is accessible easily. 

Some of the key features include -

  • Automatic Drawing Extractor

  • PDF Ballooning

  • Two Step Control Plan

  • Accurate & In Sync PPAP Documents

  • Offline Checksheets

  • Change Management

  • Multiple Deployment Options

Think7 Factory Management Suite

As a business you can rely on us to help make quick, easy, and timely business decisions backed by real-time data from the shop floor. Focused on delivering improved operational efficiency at minimal costs, you get the advantage of predictive operations, immediate visibility, and better control of your business. With us you also realise the benefit of delivering on customer delight consistently. Our products, processes and tools are designed specifically for the automotive sector.

Connect with us right away to know more and experience the Think7 Factory Management Suite (FMS).

Some of the key features include -

  • Automatic Drawing Extractor

  • Accurate PPAP Documents

  • Co-ordinated Shop Floor Operations

  • On-Time & Validated Inspections

  • Realtime Shop Floor Visibility

  • Reports & Analytics

  • Multiple Deployment Options

Think7 Piston+ and Piston Pro

Today, factories that are connected are more efficient, productive and smarter than their non-connected counterparts.

Think7 Piston, the hardware and Think7 FMS, the software lets you have remote access to both historical and real-time data from the machines and features production dashboards that provide a comprehensive picture of the entire system to monitor performance.

Think7 Piston coupled with Think7 FMS enables you to have an end-to-end visibility across your entire production process.

Some of the key features include - 

  • Monitor Realtime Production Count

  • Monitor Machine Availability & Downtimes

  • Monitor Machine & Operator Performance

  • Configurable interlocks to block machine

  • Monitor Process Parameters in real-time

  • Compatible with all types of CNC, PLC or conventional machines.